Camping Specs
Barenscheer Campsites are 20′ x 40′

  • Barenscheer Campsites will not have electrical hookups.
  • Barenscheer camping allows people to choose their individually numbered campsite.

Premium Reserved Campsites are 25′ x 50′ 

  • Premium Camping will have power hookups, with 30 and 50 amp service available.
  • Premium Reserved camping allows people to choose their individually numbered campsite.
Campsite Purchasing
  1. Campsites are sold by vehicle: one vehicle and one sleeping unit is permitted for each vehicle purchased. A drivable RV is considered both the vehicle and sleeping unit. A camping vehicle pass must be displayed in the vehicle at all times.
  2. Only one vehicle (one steering mechanism) and one sleeping unit per campsite is allowed. Reminder, a drivable RV is considered both. Overflow parking will be available.
  3. Upon arrival, camping tickets/passes will be exchanged for camping wristbands, which allows you to enter the campgrounds throughout the weekend. Everyone arriving in a vehicle to camp must have a camping pass and a 3-Day Festival Admission ticket (Festival Admission types include General Admission, VIP, or Reserved Lawn) or they will need to purchase one at the gate when they arrive. ONLY PEOPLE WITH CAMPING WRISTBANDS ARE ALLOWED IN THE CAMPGROUNDS. No Single Day ticket holders will be allowed into the campgrounds.
Venue Services
  1. Shower Trailers will be available in both the Premium and Barenscheer campgrounds; open from 7 AM to 7 PM.
  2. There are no water hookups available in the campgrounds; however, there will be water sources available on the grounds. In addition, there will be a fee-based service to supply RV/Camper fill ups.
  3. A wastewater removal vendor will be available for a fee.
  4. Portable Restrooms will be located throughout the campgrounds
  5. Electrical Hookups: Barenscheer will NOT have any electrical hookups; Premium Camping WILL have power hookups, with 30 and 50 amp service available.
  6. An Ice vendor will be available in the campgrounds
  7. Dumpsters and trash receptacles will be located throughout the campgrounds
Camping Rules
  1. Every attendee wanting to camp at Twin Cities Summer Jam must have TWO (2) items: 3-Day Festival Admission ticket and a Camping Pass.  Festival admission types include: 3-Day General Admission, 3-Day Verizon Up Front Viewing Pit, Gold VIP and VIP.  Single day ticket holders will not be allowed into the campgrounds.
  2. Bring your ID. Wristbands are used to identify adult and minor patrons. You will need your ID and must be 21 years old to purchase alcohol have it on you at all times. Zero tolerance on underage drinking.
  3. Any wristband tampered with or cut, are considered void and attendee must purchase new band immediately.
  4. No one is allowed into the campgrounds without both a Camping Pass and a 3-Day Admisison pass, whether Gold VIP, VIP, Verizon Up Front Viewing Pit, or General Admission.
  5. No Refunds or Exchanges.
  6. Twin Cities Summer Jam is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced tickets/wristbands.
  7. Twin Cities Summer Jam is not responsible for personal injury, theft, loss or damage to personal property.
  8. Pets are not allowed anywhere at Twin Cities Summer Jam in the concert area or in the campgrounds.
  9. Absolutely NO GUNS allowed on the property with or without a permit.
  10. No kegs, beer bongs, drugs, weapons, fireworks allowed in campgrounds.
  11. The sale of alcohol in the campgrounds will be strictly forbidden
  12. Persons engaging in illegal, violent or unruly behavior will be immediately ejected from the concert site, campgrounds and/or parking lots and may be subject to arrest.
  13. No drones or any other aerial vehicles are allowed in the camping or concert area.
  14. Excessive noise is never allowed in any campground, particularly after 1:00 AM.
  15. All vehicles are subject to searches as they enter and/or are parked in the Summer Jam Campgrounds and Parking lots, and/or on the Venue grounds. If you leave and re-enter, you are subject to search again.
  16. Golf carts will be allowed and require a separate cart pass to be displayed at all times.
  17. Vehicle parking: vehicles must be parked within the designated camping site. Overflow parking will be provided at the time of the event.
  18. Campfires must be contained in elevated fire rings only per the local Fire Department and maintained at ALL times. It is the responsibility of the attendees to clean up all debris and ashes.
  19. Minnesota law required a 10 foot clearance of vehicles / structures between adjacent campsites. Any vehicles, campers, tents or structures must have a 10 foot clearance from any vehicles, campers, tents or structures in the campsite next to you. There is also specific policy for Special Event Camping Areas that reads: “In Special Event Camping Areas recreational camping vehicles and tents, including their attachments, must be separated from each other and other structures by at least ten feet.”
  20. Golf Carts will be allowed for use and must have a Twin Cities Summer Jam Permit sticker attached. No cruising allowed after 2:00 AM
  21. No party wagons or any tow units will be allowed
  22. Underage Drinking will not be tolerated. Any minors found consuming or possessing alcohol will be turned over to local authorities.
  23. All property and vehicles entering the campgrounds are subject to search at all times by Twin Cities Summer Jam Staff.
  24. Quiet Time will be from 2:00 AM – 8:00 AM. Loud music will not be tolerated during this time.
  25. No live music shall be allowed in the campgrounds
  26. Campsites will remain clean at all times and left in the manner which they were found at the end of the event.
  27. All campsites shall be cleared by 2:00PM Sunday afternoon.
Campground Open Times

Camping check-in hours are 7:00 am to 8:00 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the Event weekend.

Early check-in is available on Wednesday from Noon to 8:00 pm.  There will be a $75 early check-in fee per campsite (collected at the time of check-in)

Electrical hookups for the Premium campsites will be disconnected at 10:00 am on Sunday. 

All campsites must be cleared by 2:00 pm Sunday afternoon.




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